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New set of officers to manage this association for the year 2005 - 2006 were elected.

Complete lists of Executive Officers and Board of Directors is published in the Officers Section of this website.

Congratulations to all that were chosen. You have all taken up the challenge to continue the programs of TFAT.

You have chosen to serve the Featineans - you will always be remembered. May God bless all your efforts.

We encourage all Featineans to please support these new officers.

Look up, young man, look up!

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In July 2005, the Association gathered for the regular annual election at the Thomson Park in Scarborough.

New set of officers were elected and the majority of members put their confidence again to Oliver Rey (as President) to steer the association. Challenges awaits these new sets of officers. With teamwork of the very supportive, enthusiastic and dynamic officers and members of the Association, tasks can be broken down into achievable projects.

Celebration pushed aside the politics after election and the new set officers focused their attention on the future endeavour. As leader of the association, Oliver Rey will deliver his message during the October scheduled induction ball how and where the TFAT is going. We encourage you to attend this significant occasion this coming October 22nd. We would like to see you there.

TFAT Celebrates 16th Anniversary; Seventeenth Executive Board Installed

The Officers and members of 2005-2006 Executive Board of the Featinean Association of Toronto were sworn in during the foundation anniversary gala of the 16 – year old university alumni group composed of ten officers and 11 directors, the executive is lead by Oliver Rey, President; Nene Castillo, 1st Vice President; Ron Carpio, 2nd Vice President; Res Paje, Secretary; Luz Sider, Asst. Secretary; Nenita Recaido, Treasurer; Greg Gravador, Asst. Treasurer; Rudy Olay, Auditor; Tirso Balitian, Business Manager and Benny Puzon, Public Relations Officer. The directors are: Cesar Banda, Julio Buiza, Tam Flores, Arthur Lasam, Ricardo Lucero, Armando Manalo, Leo Mariano, Bert Pabustan, Max Recaido, Tony San Juan, Eric Serapio, Florie Silang and Violy Vilan.

The celebration was held, at the popular Garnett Williams Community Centre in Thornhill, Ontario on October 22th, 2005 with about 240 guests, friends, family members joining in the festive activities. The former Consul General in Toronto Clemencio Montesa (now retired Ambassador) with his wife attended the event while staying in Toronto for vacation. He was given a privilege speech and have candidly spoke of the associations contribution to the Filipino community and its role in helping scholars in the Philippines.

Dr. V. Santiago one of the oustanding Filipino dentists and active in the Filipino Community in Toronto inducted the new set of officers.

In his inaugural address, the second termer inducted President, Oliver Rey focused his message on the initiative of the association to help poor and deserving students achieve their goals of getting university education. Likewise, he encouraged all associations and guests to support worthy causes back in the Philippines.

The new director Tam Flores entertained the guests with an Elvis P. love song. Line dancing was somehow the cream of entertainment led by the Paje sisters. Keep it up girls.

Ron & Florence Carpio and Florie Silangs Food Service provided DJ Music and Catering services, respectively. Teaming up, Tony San Juan and Auring Pabustan acted as Masters of ceremonies. The ever hard working Annie Buiza and Julio as usual brought a lot of invitees to the event. Nenita Recaido, Greg Gravador, Fanny Gravador, Darlene Rey, Elsa Olay, Tirso Balitian, Benny, Puzon, Arthur Lasam, Bert Pabustan, Nene Catillo, Cesar Banda had all their hands full in helping out make the whole affair a big success.

Featineans Recapture Bowling Crown

On a Saturday afternoon of November 9, 2002, the Featinean Association of Toronto (TFAT), a university alumni-based socio professional organization in the Greater Toronto Area regained for the 3rd time over five years, the 2002-2003 Inter Alumni Association Bowling Tournament Championship title in Ontario.

Hosted by Adamson University, last year’s defending champions, TFAT’s Team #1 hit a total score of 2118 points to bag the First Place finish. Runner-up was Adamson University (2081 pts.) and Mapua Institute of Technology scored 2056 pts. To grab third place.

The winning team is composed of Lydia Banzon, Pol Malabanan, Max Recaido and Theo Roy. TFAT other Keglers are Jay Flora, Aimee Jacinto, Patsy Malabanan, and Nenita Recaido. Lydia Banzon, also garnered a trophy for the “females highest score in a single game”.

Max Recaido, TFAT president proudly accepted the revolving Felicito “Boy” Custodio Memorial Championship Trophy at the award rites. Recaido promised to defend the 10-pin title next year with much greater participation from various alumni and community groups.

The 5th annual Competition was held at the Paradise Lanes in Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario with ten participating teams from Adamson University, Central Philippines University, Feati University, Mapua Tech and University of Santo Tomas.

In the eve of year 2001, party will be held by the association. Everyone please join the New Year's Eve Fun

Be part of the association's Spring Dance for the year 2001. Everyone please attend the Spring Dance 2001 Party