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11th Induction Ball

The Program...

The 11th anniversary and induction ball held last November 11, 2000 was a success. Marking this Event was the third and official changeover of the association's president - Max Recaido elected to this top most position. All corners of the venue were full to capacity, a record-breaking count of more or less three hundred forty five guests composed of friends and acquaintances of the Featineans from other associations and social groups.

Veteran emcees Tony San Juan and Linda Javier led out in the evening program. Business Manager Tirso Balitian made his opening remarks followed by the invocation of Naty Medina. Entertainment numbers were rendered by young kids Alex Buiza and Kathleen Marquez, novice singer Cielo Iglesias, Mark Ballesteros, and as well as, a veteran singer from among the guests (please e-mail the webmaster of her name).

After a lengthy introduction from Ed Birondo, Consul
Sylvia M. Marasigan of the Philippine Consular Office in Toronto spoke to the audience and later officially inducted the new set of elected officers for the year 2000-2001. Kind words from her boosted the Featinean association reputation as an established organization in good standing in the greater Toronto and neighboring area. Her appearance as guest of honor and speaker reflects the association's pride of their Filipino heritage.

Being elected as the new president of the association, Max Recaido delivered his inaugural address. He spoke of the challenges awaiting his leadership in the new millennium and mentioned briefly the programs he would undertake in order for the association to move forward in this new age.

Most of the guests attended the party to dance and enjoy the evening. In order to commence this new phase of activity and end the induction program, Oliver Rey, 1st Vice President of the association, delivered the closing remarks.

Hard Workers Ever...

Getting a big number of crowd or attendees in any gathering does not come out easy. Time, dedication, hard work and charisma are the main ingredients to achieve this. Long term relationship and credibility to a person complements to success. Annie Buiza, the wife of the longest serving past President Julio Buiza have built and established these specifics. Her attitude is deeply rooted on focus and determination. This woman had accomplished great things for the association by not dwelling on failures but extracting concrete, unselfish and rewarding results.

Big haulers were not limited to old timers only. The newcomer and newly elected Auditor Ron Marquez have forged alliances and bond of friendship in his community association and extended this partnership to the Featinean association by supporting this induction ball.

Entrance of a huge crowd is by any means not simple to handle. Taking up the positions in the frontlines were Rolly and Beth Balangue, Ronald and Beth Marquez, Jun and Beth Viterbo. These folks absorbed all the pressure and heat from the great balls of incoming guests and have to crunch the complexities of numbers involving registration fees. Guests having cleared all their dues, Wilson & Ana Fabroa and Tony & Josie Pallasigui handed each one a souvenir program.

Guiding all the attendees to their respective tables is, in some case, tricky. The crowd decoding technology was expertly employed to facilitate the complexities of splitting a wave of arrivals to their respective locations. Kudos to the reception committee composed of Frank and Auring Amurao, Ed and Evelyn Birondo, Julio and Annie Buiza, Rudy and Elsa Olay, Max and Nenita Recaido, Eric and Evelyn Serapio, and Levi and Juliet Sison.

Though fairies and fairy godparents does not exist literally in a modern society, wishes does not practically go away from anyones mind. Young and old folks alike want their wishes come true. Spending few dollars to attend the party, some of the guests left the place smiling and in their hand door prizes in money and in kind. Giving away these loots from sponsors and donors to the lucky guests were Evelyn Birondo, Naty Medina, Elsa Olay, Josie Pallasigui, Nenita Recaido and Darlene Rey.

Dancing to the tunes of music is a revelation of an art - a person's art. The mosaic of tempo and rhythm of the body requires a strong impression from the music source. Ron Carpio with his wife Florence and son delivered variety masterpiece of the old and new songs for everyone to form chemistry in the dance floor.

Sitting and watching while on the tables are not what the guests always do. They got thirsty and in some cases bored. To supply the needs of the guests, a group of highly trained breed of Featinean officers sold drinks and refreshments to them. Time division multi-plexing technique were used by every members of this group composed of Auring Amurao, Frank Amurao, Rolly Balangue, Tirso Balitian, Julio Buiza, Ben Dioleta, Ana Fabroa, Rudy Olay, Tony Pallasigui, Max Recaido, Nenita Recaido, Oliver Rey, Darlene Rey, Joy San Juan and Tony San Juan.

What a job!