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You are visiting the Featinean Association of Toronto web site.

Fellow Featinean, memories of our college days are sweet to remember. You have come a long journey - life when you were a student, when you started working and raised a family. Many years have passed and maybe each one of us has a lot of things to share.

Melt your experiences with us. Join or contribute to the association. We would like to hear from you

Look up young man. Look up!

Share your thoughts with us.



Tongue out 

Happy Holidays:

Feati Alumni, friends and visitors to this site, The Featinean Association of Toronto would like to wish you the best of Christmas. Gifts and greetings are good to express the joy of this celebration but mostly let us all remember that Christmas will never be without the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Let you hearts be filled with this thought of the most wonderful love God has given to the world and the people that inhabits it in order restore our relationship with our Heavenly Father and to be saved (John 3:16). Should any doubts and challenges face you, may this thought be a foundation of hope for all of us through the coming days of New Year 2019!


If you would like to connect with our association please contact Annie Buiza (416) 699-0708, Nenita Recaido (905) 737-0981, Moises Ga (416) 705-5974, Rudy Ortiz

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