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Through the Magnifying Glass...

FEATINEANS HOLD 21ST ANNUAL PICNIC AND ELECTIONS; OLIVER IS REELECTED PRESIDENT By: Tony A. San Juan, OCTIn commemorating the 112th Philippine independence day, The Featineans Association of Toronto (TFAT),held a successful pre-celebration with a family picnic and elections. The successful event was held at Scarborough's Thompson Memorial Park on June 6th, 2010 with the Association members, special guests and family members joining in the annual get-together. As a yearly affair, the fun-filled gathering and fellowship was organized by TFAT president Oliver Rey and assisted by the members of the executive board . O. Rey, as usual, was supported by the Association's co- founders Julio & Annie Buiza, Tirso Balitian, and Tony A. San Juan. CoolMost of those in attendance, sharing in the pot-luck lunch, park games and camaraderie atmosphere, are friends and of TFAT, particularly FilCans in the GTA who constantly support the Association's social and fundraising projects.Money mouthThe Sunday interactive activities include an election of the new set of officers and directors for the 2010-2011 term. Among those elected or reelected were:Oliver Rey, president;Moises Ga, 1st vice presdent; Max Recaido, 2nd veep.; Res Paje, secretary; Luz Sider, asst. secretary; Nenita Recaido, treasurer,Rolly Balangue, asst. treasurer; Rudy Olay, auditor,and  Tony San Juan, PRO.The other members of the executive directorate include : Tirso Balitian,Cesar Banda,Ron Carpio,Ben Dioleta,Tom Flores,Greg Gravador,Norma Guanzon,Oscar Lei,Rudy Ortiz,Bert Pabustan, Eric Serapio and Violy Vilan.Money mouthAdmirably, Oliver Rey , a former Feati U instructor will be serving his 7th year as President of the 21-year old Feati University alumni-based organization in Canada. (TSJ / OR)

By : Tony A. San Juan, O.C.T.
In support of its 10 - year old ongoing scholarship project, and resplendently dressed  in international motif, the members, friends and  guests of The Featineans Association of Toronto (TFAT), welcomed and celebrated Spring with a dinner dance on May 8th, 2010. The successful seasonal rite was held at the Garnet Williams Community Centre in the City of Vaughan with 145 dancing aficionados and rookies alike in attendance.
TFAT, a 21- year old FEATI University alumni based socio - professional organization in Ontario  with  55 currently active alumni members, sponsored the fun-filled yearly event pursuant to its desire in generating funds for its various community based projects and targeted benificiaries. Among TFAT's recent outreach initiatives are its: 1) $2,000 donation to the Our Lady of  Assumption Church (Toronto) improvement project, 2) $1000 donation to 2009 Typhoon Ondoy victims, through the Philippine National Red Cross, 3) participation to PUCAA 's annual summerfest and 4) collegial support to Bicol Canada Community Association and other FilCan community organizations.
The yearly spring activity was ably coordinated by TFAT president Oliver Rey and admirably assisted by several officers, directors and members, namely : Rolly Balangue, Cesar Banda, Florence Carpio, Ron Carpio, Ben Dioleta, Dr. Fe Q. Flora, Tom Flores, Moises Ga, Greg Gravador, Norma Guanzon, Jorge Isidro, Arthur Lasam, Rudy Olay, Rudy Ortiz, Dom Miranda, Bert Pabustan, Res Paje, Max Recaido, Nenita Recaido, Jocelyn San Juan, Eric Serapio, Luz Sider, Florie Silang, and Violy Vilan.

Also, TFAT founders Tirso Balitian, Annie Buiza, Julio Buiza and Tony A. San Juan aptly extended relevant advice and support. Louper Home Catering Service and Florence DJ Sounds provided the party food and ballroom music, respectively. Notably hosted by PRO Tony San Juan, the evening program highlights include: almost non- stop ballroom & line-dancing; Short message from Oliver Rey; Tom Flores's King Elvis renditions; Rudy Olay's stirring invocation ; and door prizes & raffle draws by TFAT's auxiliary ladies. ( TSJ) 


In response to the calamity that hit hard the Philippines especially metro manila in the month of October,  " The Featinean Association of Toronto" executive board met with urgency and unanimously agreed to help the Ondoy Flood victims by sending a monetary donation through the Philippine National Red Cross. The fund was sent directly to the PNC Philppine account provided by the Philippine Consulate General of Toronto. Faithful to its established mission and mandate, the 100- member socio- professional organization has been a major partner and active participant in the Filipino Canadian and mainstream communities in the GTA pursuing desirable initiatives benefiting  targeted recipients of its on-going projects and programs. Among its admirable achievements are: 1) an 8-yr.old Scholarship Project with six scholar- graduates;2) Academic Excellence Recognition Awards to eight top graduates;3) disaster relief fund assistance; 4) financial contributions to charitable organizations and foundations in Canada and in the home country; 5) participation in inter-university alumni associations intramural; and 6) seasonal social fundraisers.(omr/tsj)  In picture during the emergency meeting of the TFAT executive board. (from Left to Right): Res Paje (Secretary), Julio Buiza (Founder), Rudy Olay (Auditor), Luz Sider (Asst. Sec), Rolly Balangue (Asst. Treas),  Moises Ga (Director), Annie Buiza (Founder), Nita Recaido (Treasurer), (Oliver Rey (President); );  Fanny Gravador.  Executive Officers and members of the Board not in Picture: Vice President Max Recaido,  Vice President Florie Silang, Bus.Mgr.Tom Flores, & PRO Tony San Juan. Directors Cesar Banda,  Ben Dioleta, , Norma Guanzon, Greg Gravador, Jorge Isidro, Arthur Lasam, Domingo Miranda, Rudy Ortiz, Eric Serapio, Glenn Taguicana  & Violy Vilan, Tirso Balitian (Founder)


by: Tony A. San Juan


Observing its yearly tradition of sharing the blessings of its positive position as a solid university-based organization in Ontario, The Featineans Association of Toronto (TFAT) collegially met and celebrated the spirit of yuletide earlier on November 29th, 2009.The 20-year old alumni Association, by giving meaning to the Christian world's seasonal rites, has a fellowship dinner - cum - gift giving event at Imperial Restaurant in Scarborough.

 Money mouth

Organized by TFAT founders Julio and Annie Buiza and supported and coordinated by Association president Oliver Rey and other officers such as Secretary Res Paje and Treasurer Nenita Recaido. Among the directors and officers who attended and provided gifts are: Rolly & Beth Balangue, Tirso Balitian, Cesar Banda, Ron & Florence Carpio, Dolly De Leon, Ben & Leling Dioleta, Dr. Fe Quirante-Flora, Tom & Rose Flores, Moises & Virgie Ga, Greg & Fannie Gravador, Romy & Norma Guanzon, Arthur Lasam, Rudy Olay, Darlene Rey, Tony & Joy San Juan, Luz Sider, and Florie & Michelle Silang.


The guests were: Bin Koo Loo, Gladys Divinagracia, and Mrs. Socorro Llamas (Moises Ga's mother-in-law). TFAT, truly committed to its distinctive mission and strong mandate, is continually making its presence felt in the Filipino Canadian community through its admirable collaboration and support to other organizations as well as its monetary contributions to charitable and religious organizations in the GTA and in the home country. (TSJ).


True to its spirit of benevolence, the Featinean Association of Toronto (TFAT) gave a generous monetary donation of one thousand dollars ($1000.00) to the “Our Lady of Assumption Church” Parish (located at 2565 Bathurst St) during the Bicolanons’ famous annual feast celebration of the “Our Lady of Penafrancia”. The goodwill action was initiated by Annie Buiza (one of the TFAT founders) in order to help the church in its renovation plans. The support money was generated through the association fundraising program headed by Guru Annie Buiza and supported by TFAT officers and friends. In picture from Left to Right: Oliver Rey (President); Max Recaido (Vice President); Julio Buiza (Founder), Nita Recaido (Treasurer), Fr, Ben, Annie Buiza (Founder), Res Paje (Secretary), Tirso Balitian (Founder), Rudy Olay (Auditor), Cesar Banda (Director) Executive Officers and members of the Board not in Picture: Vice President Florie Silang, Asst. Sec. Luz Sider, Asst. Treas.Rolly Balangue, Bus.Mgr.Tom Flores, & PRO Tony San Juan. Directors Ben Dioleta, Moises Ga, Greg Gravador, Norma Guanzon, Jorge Isidro, Arthur Lasam, Domingo Miranda, Rudy Ortiz, Eric Serapio, Glenn Taguicana  & Violy Vilan.