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The Featinean Association of Toronto

guests and fellow Featineans. This is the home page of the The Featinean Association of Toronto.

This association is composed of alumni, former faculty members, former employees and former students of Feati University who are living in the Metropolitan Toronto and Suburbs.

Those who are not members and belong into the above category, please join. You may contact the webmaster through e-mail. Your interest in the association will enable us to rebuild our lost link during our college days and re-establish the good name that was once FEATI.

You may use this website as a medium and bridge to friends and classmates around the world by signing our guest book and leaving a message to a person you expect to read.

Feati Alumni from around the world are encouraged to visit this website once in a while. We are going to update the contents regularly so that you will have fresh information of the activities we are doing in Canada, specially in the greater Toronto area.

We are trying to enrich this website. Please send your comments, suggestions or insights to us. These will be an invaluable gift and contribution to the association.

Thank you for dropping by...

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