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Brief of FEATI University and the FEATINIAN Association of Toronto
by Anita Padua (deceased)

The University:

FFEATI University, formerly FEATI Institute of Technology, was founded in 1946 by Dr. Salvador Araneta and Dr. Victoria Lopez Araneta, who wanted to establish a school of Aeronautics, Sciences and Technology.

FEATI, short for Far East Air Transport Incorporated, was formed as the first civil airline in the Philippines servicing Iloilo-Manila-Hongkong route. FEATI name was adopted to remember the incorporators of the above airline who were also incorporators of the institution.

Dr. Salvador Araneta was the first President of FEATI Institute of Technology. He resigned when he was appointed Economic Coordinator and later, Secretary of Agriculture and Natural Resources by Philippine President Elpidio Quirino. His wife, Dr. Victoria Lopez Araneta, succeeded him as President, with Dr. Gregorio Y. Zara as Executive Vice-President and Dean.

In May 1959, FEATI Institute of Technology was granted university status by the department of Education with Dr. Victoria Lopez Araneta as the first President. In October 1980, Dean Jose Segovia took over the the presidency and still holds the position.

The high quality of instruction and training of FEATI University have produced Board Topnotchers and Outstanding Alumni in the fields of Engineering, Technology, Sciences, Education, Business and Industry, both national and overseas.

The Association:

Those who emigrated in Canada after establishing themselves and desirous to perpetuate the spirit and ideals of their Alma Mater, formed and organized the FEATINIAN ASSOCIATION OF TORONTO. Because of the energetic leadership and dedication of the couple, Julio Jr. and Anita Buiza, the association was organized in 1989 at the Scarborough residence of Mr. and Mrs. Tirso Balitian, with the late Dean Saturnino Opena as their Adviser. Team effort of the founding members and utilizing the expertise of Antonio San Juan, the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association was written.

Consequently, the Association was formally registered with Ontario's Ministry of Consumer Relations.

The following were the first Executive Officers and Directors of the Association:

Executive Officers: Julio Buiza Jr., President/Chairman ; Antonio San Juan, Vice President; Anita Padua, Secretary; Ronaldo Olay, Treasurer
Directors: Tirso Balitian, Romeo Chosa, Jose Garcia, Greg Grabador, Eric Serapio, Levi Sison, Pete Yabut
Adviser: Dean Saturnino Opena

Through it's formative years, the Association was blessed with such a great team and nothing like this is ever achieved without the active participation and support of their dedicated members.

Currently, the association undertakes certain worthy projects and cooperates with other community-related organizations in fund-raising activities to support targeted beneficiaries in the home-country.

In sum, the general membership have the kind of organization that everyone dreamed and to be proud of someday. That is now a reality and both the members, its supporters and the public believe the future belongs to this community-based association definitively composed of some 250 graduates, former students, faculty members, employees of the University by the Pasig River.

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